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Texas Independence Day

200px-Texas_Declaration_of_IndependenceIt was on this day, March 2, in 1836 that the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed at Washington-on-the-Brazos.  Those signing the document included Sam Houston.  The declaration established the Republic of Texas.

There were 41 delegates to the Convention of 1836.  Many were young men who had arrived in Texas since an immigration ban was implemented in April of 1830, and were thus there illegally.  Only two of the people who signed the Declaration can be confirmed as Texas natives.

The Texas Revolution had begun the previous year, but there were conflicting goals among the revolutionaries.  Some wanted to return to the Mexican Constitution of 1824, while others wanted to become completely independent from Mexico.  The Convention was called to settle that question.

Among the complaints were that General Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana had usurped the legal government established by the Mexican Constitution of 1824 and established a military dictatorship.  Other complaints were that the people were denied a trial by jury and forbidden the right to bear arms.  As many of the signatories of Declaration were from the United States, there was a strong resemblance to the US Constitution.

The Convention strongly favored independence,   The Texas Declaration of Independence was signed the second day of the Convention.

Happy 180th birthday, Texas!