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More Stupidity Involving Amazon

It’s late, and frankly I’m tired and don’t feel like writing a long rant tonight.  It would probably be incoherent anyway.  Besides, I’m planning a long rant next week and don’t want to vent my spleen prematurely.

I did want to point out something to you, though.  Earlier today, Passive Guy posted a notice about a group of different nonprofits in California urging a boycott of Amazon.  They’re upset about taxes.  Seems Amazon, which is not based in California, refuses to pay California’s state sales tax.  Good for Amazon I say.  Anyway, these people say we should boycott Amazon until they do.  And did I mention that this is a group of nonprofits, who don’t pay taxes in the first place?

Yeah, like the title says, stupid.  Passive Guy, who is a lawyer by training, gives a good breakdown as to why this is a dumb argument from a legal perspective.  There are a number of insightful comments about how this strategy, if it were to succeed, would hurt they people it’s supposed to help. 

It’s an interesting post, to say the least.   Go read it.   In the meantime, I’m compiling a list of  things I’m going to buy from Amazon.