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Half a King is a Whole Lot of Fun

half a kingHalf a King
Joe Abercrombie
Del Rey
Trade Paper, $15, 346 p.

Half a King is on the shortlist for this year’s Gemmell Awards.  It has been a few years since I read Abercrombie.  (I’m still holding out for a British edition of Red Country.)  I’d forgotten just how good a writer he is.  It’s easy to see why this book is on the shortlist.

Half a King isn’t as dark as some of Abercrombie’s other books.  Still, it’s not all sunshine at light.  The book was written by the man whose Twitter handle is LordGrimDark, after all. Continue reading

The Rest of the Summer

Just a quick note to let you know what I’ve got on my plate leading up to Worldcon. 

Speaking of Worldcon, I’m going to read at least some of the short fiction nominees, as many as time will allow, and give my thoughts.  I don’t think I’m going to try to read all the novels.  The publisher of two of them put a security code of the ebooks that went out in the Hugo voters’ packet.  I don’t appreciate what that implies.  I’m not going to upload the books to a file sharing site.  I’m not a crook, nor do I care to be treated as though I were.  Therefore, I won’t be reading (or voting for) Blackout by Mira Grant or 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson.  I do have some comments to make about this year’s nominees in general.

The Gemmell Awards are a bit later than usual this year to coincide with the World Fantasy Convention.  My review copy of Winter Be My Shield by Jo Spurrier arrived the other day.  It’s on the long ballot for the Morningstar Award.  I’m looking forward to reading it.  I’ll post the review on the Gemmell Awards site and a notice here when it goes live.  After the awards are given out, I’ll post the review here.

I’ve got a number of titles from Pyr.  The ones I intend to review in July are The Doctor and the Kid by Mike Resnick, Kindred and Wings by Phillipa Ballentine, and Wrath-Bearing Tree by James Enge.  Then there’s The Scroll of Years by Chris Willrich and The Doctor and the Rough Rider by Mike Resnick.  Those I probably won’t get to until August.

I’ve had a copy of the conclusion of Joshua P. Simon’s Blood and Tears Trilogy, Trial and Glory on my ereader for far too long.  It’s going to be reviewed within the next four to six weeks. 

I don’t know what order I’m going to read them.  It will depend on my mood and what I feel like reading.  I’m also going to throw in a bit of shorter works, both here and over at Futures Past and Present.  There are also a couple of other novels I’d like to read by the end of the summer.  And somewhere in there, I’ll be reading things for my column at Amazing Stories (TM). 

David Gemmel Legend Award Winners Announced

The winners of the David Gemmell Legend Award were announced

The winner of the Morningstar Award for Best Newcomer was Warrior Priest by Darius Hinks.

The other nominees were Spellwright by Charlton Blake, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (The Inheritance Trilogy)by N. K. Jemison, Shadow Prowlerby Alexy Pehov, and Tymon’s Flight: Chronicles of the Tree Bk 1by Mary Victoria.

The Ravenheart Award for best cover art went to Olof Erla Einarsdottir for Power and Majesty by Tansy Raynor Roberts.  Since many of these books weren’t published (at least originally) by US publishers, I’m going to refer you to the Award website, where you can see the cover art.  The art often differs from country to country, and what I find may not be the correct illustration.  (Since I’m writing this during a break at work, I’m pressed for time and doubt I can find the correct covers before I have to go back on the clock. And I’m not sure about the legality of posting them without permission simply to show off the ark.)

The Legend Award for Best Novel went to Brandon Sanderson for The Way of Kings.  The other nominees were The Desert Spear by Peter V. Brett, The War of the Dwarves by Markus Heitz,The Alchemist in the Shadows by Pierre Pevel, and  Brandon Sanderson and Robert Jordan for Towers of Midnight (Wheel of Time, Book Thirteen).

There’s a nice writeup on the Award site with a slide show of the presentations.  If you have a second, you should definitely check it out.

David Gemmell Legend Award Finalists Announced

This year’s slate of finalists for the David Gemmell Legend Award for Best Fantasy Novel 2010 have been announced:

  •  Towers of Midnight by Brandon Sanderson and Robert Jordan (Tor/Orbit)
  • The Alchemist in the Shadows by Pierre Pevel (Gollancz)
  • The War of the Dwarves by Marcus Heitz (Orbit)
  • The Black Prism by Brent Weeks (Orbit)
  • The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson (Tor/Gollancz)
  • The Desert Spear by Peter V. Brett (Voyager)

Named after the late David Gemmell, the award aims to recognize excellence in the fantasy field.  The main page of the award is here.

Also announced are the finalists for the Morningstar Award for Best Fantasy Newcomer/Debut and the finalists for the Ravenheart Award for Best Fantasy Book Jacket/Artist.

The nominees for the Morningstar Award are:

  • Spellwright by Charlton Blake (Tor)
  • Warrior Priest by Darius Hinks (The Black Library)
  • The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by M. K. Jemison (Orbit)
  • Shadow Prowler by Alexy Pehov (Tor)
  • Tymon’s Flight by Mary Victoria (Harper Collins Australia)

The finalists for the Ravenheart Award are:

  • Olof Erla Einarsdottir – Power & Majesty
  • Todd Lockwood – The Ragged Man
  • Cliff Neilsen – The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
  • John Sullivan – Shadow King
  • Frank Victoria – Tymon’s Flight

A complete list of all nominees for the Gemmell, Morningstar, and Ravenheart Awards can be found here, here, and here, respectively.

Congratulations to all nominees, especially the finalists.