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Report on Howard Days 2016

Howard House 2016Yes, I know this year’s Howard Days was nearly 2 weeks ago, but we left for New Mexico on family vacation right after I got back.  (Other than no AC in the car when the temperature was 105F, we had a great time.)  I’m playing catch-up catch up on blogging.

Howard Days has grown, something that was emphasized since this year marked the 30th anniversary of the first Howard Days.  While things officially don’t start until Friday, people are showing up on Wednesday evenings.  Space is becoming a consideration, with events this year moved from the library to the high school auditorium or the Senior Center across the street from the library.  There were a number of new attendees, which is always a healthy thing for an event, and I’m not referring the 10,000 or so mosquitoes that showed up. Continue reading

Something of Interest to Howard Fans

Over on the Black Gate website, Brian Murphy has posted an essay on Novalyne Price Ellis’ One Who Walked Alone.  If you’re a Howard fan and haven’t seen it yet, you’ll want to check it out.  While you might not agree with everything he has to say, Murphy has at least thought out his remarks and actually knows something about Howard.  Unlike some of his critics.