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New Challenge Writing Competition at Rogue Blades

Rogue Blades announced its 2011 Challenge Writing competition this morning.  This year’s theme is Stealth.  Judges are author Mary Rosenblum, Black Gate editor John O’Neill, and cover artist Storn Cook.  That’s the cover over on the right. 

There’s a $10 entry fee, which is more than reasonable.  Rouge Blades will begin accepting submissions in 15 days, so that should give all of us time to get something ready.  I’m intending to submit.  There’s a minimum of 30 entries needed for this project to go forward.  The stories can be any genre, so long as there’s a heroic element. 

Here’s our chance to make sure there’s good heroic, adventure oriented stories to read.  Let’s inundate the judges and make their job hard by having to agonize over choosing form an avalanche of great stories.