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An Exciting Return to Feyland

Feyland: The Bright Court
Anthea Sharp
paperback $12.99
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Earlier this year I received an very polite email from a lady whose name was new to me.  The sender of the email, Anthea Sharp, asked me if I would be interested in reviewing her new YA fantasy novel, Feyland: The Dark Realm.  She was kind enough to say that if the book turned out to not be my thing, I didn’t have to review it nor should I feel obligated to finish it.

I thought this was very gracious of her.  I took her up on her offer, and the book turned out to very much be my kind of thing.  It was well written, exciting, with characters who were real and reminded me at times of my younger days.  You can read the whole review here.

Well, now the next installment in the series is out (and has been out for a few months; my apologies to Ms. Sharp for taking so long to review it.)  I’d like to thank Ms. Sharp for sending me a review copy.  The question most of you are probably wondering about is, does this volume match the first in quality? Continue reading