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Lawsuit Over Carnival of Souls

This is nuts.  There’s this guy named Jazan Wild who’s a comic creator.  Among his creations is a comic by the title Carnival of Souls.  A title which he has trademarked.  There’s also a fantasy novel title Carnival of Souls by a lady named Melissa Marr.  Mr. Wild is suing her publisher, Harper Collins for trademark infringement.  That’s trademark, not copyright. 

The really nutty thing is that he’s sending cease and desist letters to book bloggers who review the book.  Seems someone might be a bit too full of himself.  You can read the details here

Meanwhile, I may have to bump Carnival of Souls Ms. Marr’s book to the head of the review queue.  Not that I’m trying to stir up trouble or anything.  I would never do that.  Honest.