A Knight in the Silk Purse

You may recall that I reviewed a shared world anthology that was crowdfunded on Kickstarter last year entitled Tales of the Emerald Serpent.  Well, now there’s a sequel in preparation that’s also being crowdfunded..  It’s called  A Knight in the Silk Purse.  It just launched.  (It appears as though I was the first person to pledge.  How cool is that?!)  Here’s the list of contributors: Lynn Flewelling, Dave Gross, Juliet McKenna, Martha Wells, Robert Mancebo, Julie Czerneda, Michael Tousignant, Elaine Cunningham, Dan Wells, Todd Lockwood, and Howard Tayler.
I found Tales of the Emerald Serpent to be a lot of fun; I’m hoping this one really takes off.  If you liked the first volume (you did read it, didn’t you?), then there’s more to come.  Check it out.

8 thoughts on “A Knight in the Silk Purse

    1. Keith West

      That was one of the things I liked about Tales: there were names I recognized (known quantities, IOW) as well as work by new (to me) authors to try out. The nice thing I found was that the “new” authors were as good as the more familiar authors.

  1. Ty Johnston

    Yep, I recognize a few of those names, too. Have to check this one out. I’ve always like shared-world anthologies, going all the way back to Thieves World. Even took part in one recently, and it was fun to play in someone else’s backyard for a bit.

    1. Ty Johnston

      Sure. It’s titled “The Awakened,” and the editor is Hal Greenburg, who has been working with Neil Levin, the acquisitions editor over at Dark Quest Books.


      There is also a Kickstarter program for this one. If I’m understanding it correctly, the more money raised, the more possibilities for the book, such as hardback edition, etc.

      There’s another project I can’t talk much about yet, but it’s been different, interesting. It’s an anthology, but not necessarily a shared world. However, two other writers and I have come together with a shared character, each of us tackling a different point in the character’s life, with me ending up with the retirement years. Yeah, retirement, with giant flying robots and a hidden Nazi base … Doh! I’ve said too much!


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