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Strange New WordsStrange New Worlds
Ari Marmell
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I’m a huge fan of Ari Marmell’s Widdershins series, the most recent of which hit the shelves days ago, as well as his other work.  I’ve got several other novels by him on the shelves that I haven’t gotten to, as well.  He’s become one of my favorite writers.

Ari is having a bit of a tough go of it at the moment, through no fault of his own.  I’ll let him explain the details.  Bottom line, he’s strapped for cash and needs our help.  Because royalties are paid only once or twice a year, it will probably be at least six months before  he sees any cash from Lost Covenant, the latest Widdershins novel.  That’s assuming the book earns out its advance.

What he will see money from in a reasonably timely manner is the short story collection Strange New Worlds which he recently crowdfunded on Kickstarter.  I missed the Kickstarter on this one, or you would have already heard about it from me.

Anyway, if you want to help him out, buy the book.  All of the royalties after Amazon or B&N take their cut go to Ari.  I had bought a copy the night before he announced his need for support.  I’ve moved the book to the top of the TBR list.  I’m going to post the review at Amazing Stories, where it should get more pageviews than it will here.  Because of my schedule there, it will probably be next week before the post goes live, although I’m going to try to get it in before this weekend’s deadline.

As Tom Doolan mentioned earlier on his blog, we are a community.  It falls to us to help each other out.

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