A Review of Rogue Angel The Mortality Principle

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Alex Archer
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I think the best way to characterize the Rogue Angel series is to call these books the modern equivalent of the old hero pulps, only in this case it’s a heroine pulp.

The basic premise is that Annja Creed, who hosts the TV show Hunting History’s Monsters, has the sword once used by Joan of Arc.  Each book has some type of historical aspect to it.  Annja can pull the sword out of an interdimensional pocket any times she needs it.  She has allies in the form of two men, both of whom are hundreds of years old, Roux and his former apprentice Garin.

I enjoyed the first book in the series I read, Magic Lantern, and I’d been intending to read more. I picked up The Mortatlity Principle the other night in the book store and started reading.  

The story in this one finds Annja in Prague.  She’s desperately trying to find a topic which will lend itself to a live show.  The suits back at the network say the show isn’t bringing in enough cash so they want to replace her with something else.  (Reminds me of the late, lamented Science Fiction Age.)

She’s looking into the legend of the Golem when she finds herself involved with a series of brutal murders.  Murders which a local reporter thinks are linked to the Golem.  Annja contacts Roux, who immediately becomes interested.  Annja thinks there’s more to his interest than he’s telling.  Meanwhile, Garin has also showed up.  It’s a bit more of a coincidence than Annaj is willing to accept.

Alex Archer is a house name.  There are at least three authors who write these books.  The author of this one is not the same as the author of Magic Lantern.   And, no, I’m not going to compare the two men.  Both wrote entertaining books, and I would read their work again.

I will say I liked the direction this story took.  There were some twists that I wouldn’t have thought of, linking several significant figures from European history.

If you like your pulp with some depth to it, then Rogue Angel might be the series you’re looking for.  I’m going to be reading more of this series.  It’s entertaining, interesting, and fun.  Which is what reading should be.

Rogue Angel  The Mortality Principle will be a Featured Book at Adventures Fantastic Books for next few weeks.

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