Amazing Stories Trademark Bought

Steve Davidson (Crotchety Old Fan) has acquired the trademark to Amazing Stories.  He is looking at relaunching the magazine online with containing new and reprint stories with a strong social networking component.  You can read his press release here.  There are further updates here and here.  The website for the magazine is up and is  There’s not much there yet, but check back frequently.  I used to pick up Amazing Stories regularly and am thrilled it will be coming back.  Thanks, Steve, and best of luck. 

5 thoughts on “Amazing Stories Trademark Bought

  1. crotchetyoldfan

    lost my last comment. Well – thanks for the mention! The PR is in a bunch of places – Ansible, File770, Warrn Ellis’ site, SFScope and more. And I’m spreading it wider – thanks for your help in that regard.



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