And Now I’d Like to Endorse…

You only thought you were safe from politics here.  I’m going to make an endorsement.  Why not?  Everyone else is doing it.

So I’d like to endorse…Pulp!

Wait, what, you thought I was talking governmental politics?  When our choices are most likely going to boil down to a nut with two boobs or a boob with two nuts?  Not on your life.  I’ll be glad when all of that is over.  (But then it’s never really over, is it?  It just reboots.)

I’m talking about literary politics.  I don’t want to be told what to read.  I don’t want to read something because it’s good for me, will broaden my horizons, or expand my social consciousness.  I want entertainment when I read, not socially relevant message fiction.  I want plot, action, characterization, dialogue.  Most of all I want fun.

I’m going to vote for pulp with my dollars.  I urge you to do the same.

I’m Keith, and I approved this message.

4 thoughts on “And Now I’d Like to Endorse…

  1. Woelf Dietrich

    I follow the news. Global news that is. I am fully aware of the hardships and suffering in this world. I know there are many more atrocities we don’t even know about. Inside my chest, I cry for all those children caught in the middle of wars and other games grownups love to play. I try to stay updated with a bunch of other things and I watch and learn, and after a while you see things. That is why I don’t trust the media or those special snowflakes who get emotional over pronouns.

    When I read it’s my way of escaping, of releasing some of that pent up frustration, that anger that builds up from watching and reading the news. When I read I want to see the bad guy get his due reckoning for a change. I want to enjoy an adventure and experience some action and see the guy get the girl without gender politics getting in the middle of it.

    I do not need a fictional tale telling me the world is an evil cesspool of debauchery and unfairness. I read the stories I do because they give me hope–or, at the very least–an entertaining reprieve from reality.

    So, I guess that is where I stand.


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