Baba Yaga is Back, and She’s not Happy

51i9PlNNO8L._AA160_The Sweeper and the Storm
Alma T. C. Boykin
ebook short story $0.99

Alexi is back, but so is Baba Yaga. She’s a bit miffed about the way he ruined her plans in the previous story (reviewed here). This particular tale involves Alexi’s unit doing a disaster relief drill in rural Kansas in October. That’s not the season for either blizzards or tornados. But both show up.

Alexi finds that he has to stop more than just the old witch. There’s a darker power somewhere in the background. That’s where the real danger lies.

This is the second story in this series. It’s not a stand-alone, nor is everything resolved. There’s a bigger story-arc at play here. Boykin has obviously put some thought into where she’s going with her tale. In the previous story, we saw Alexi and his relationship to his Babushka. Now we see him interact with the rest of the men in his unit. We also see him struggle and overcome the situation in which he finds himself, although the resolution isn’t entirely happy.

There’s more than just Russian folklore involved. Native American elements show up as well, and I suspect that they will become more prominent with time.

Oh, and the last line made me want to read the next story in the series. I can’t wait to see how that plot line is going to develop.

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