C. C. Finlay Named New Editor of F&SF

fsf-july-august-2014_med-2C. C. Finlay (who began his writing career under the name Charles Coleman Finlay) announced on his blog today that he is now the new editor of F&SF,  Gordon Van Gelder will continue in his role as publisher.  Gordon left a substantial inventory of stories.  There will be a period in which issues of the magazine will contain selections by both editors until the stories in the inventory are published.

Finlay guest edited two issues last year. The first was the July/August issue.  The second has yet to see print.  It’s the March/April issue, which is the next one out of the gate.  He was guest editing a third, when the position became permanent.  Which means I don’t have to rush to meet tomorrow’s deadline since there’s no way I’ll have something ready.

Adventures Fantastic would like to wish Mr. Finlay all the best.  I look forward to reading the stories he selects.

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