Chicken Fried Cthulhu

Hey, folks, the Chicken Fried Cthulhu Kickstarter has 25 hours left as I write this and is still a ways from funding.  This is an anthology of southwestern flavored Cthulhu and Lovecraft themed stories.  It’s set to premiere at the World Fantasy Convention in San Antonio this year.

If it funds.  It’s from the same crew that brought you Skelos, and there’s an impressive lineup of authors listed, including Robert E. Howard and Joe Lansdale.  Part of the reason the goal is so high is that the editors want to pay the authors professional rates, and that takes money.

So if you’ve been thinking about pledging, please do so.  I would really like to see this project get off the ground.  I am not an author in the anthology and my only connection to the project is that I’m friends with the guys putting it together.  I just want to read the stories.

8 thoughts on “Chicken Fried Cthulhu

  1. Woelf Dietrich

    I shared the link to an H.P. Lovecraft page I follow. I asked the administrator to share the link if he considers it worth his readers’ while. The page gets a lot of traffic so I hope he does.

  2. Paul McNamee

    I don’t know if they’ll have the heart to tackle it but I wonder if Skelos will have a post-mortem about this.

    Mythos saturation?

    Too much ($15K)?

    Need to get more Mythos stories into the magazine and a wider Mythos fan base along with the s-&-s crowd?

    Personally, I haven’t hit saturation as far as reading Mythos stories. But I have so many anthologies collected that I haven’t even opened yet, I just don’t want to pile on too many more right now. I’m a little burned out on buying them for the time being. I let the last bundle deal pass. (granted, I had a few of the titles already.)

    It will be curious to see how Dark Regions Press Indiegogo campaign fares in May.

    1. Keith West Post author

      I don’t know if the editors of Skelos will make any widespread comments or not. I intend to ask during Howard Days.

      I’m pretty swamped right now with everything going on at work, so I’m very behind on reading, writing, and blogging. I’m hoping to trim some distractions over the next week and start producing again. I passed on the current bundle because, like you, I already had some of the titles. Plus there were a few that didn’t interest me. I’ve thought about Dark Regions Press’s campaign. IIRC, they have some titles in that one they haven’t announced yet. I’m hoping maybe the Skelos crew could work out a deal with them to publish at least some of the stories Skelos had in inventory. I may pledge this one. Haven’t decided yet. It will be interesting to watch.

      1. Paul McNamee

        Yes, the Dark Regions will be all new books. Mostly new material, too, I think – except for the Michael Shea collection. (and some are novels, it’s not all anthologies.)

        1. Keith West Post author

          The Michael Shea collection is one of the main reasons I’m thinking about supporting this one.


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