Cthuloid Encounters

20150626_161806This past weekend my son had a dive meet in Corpus Christi.  (That was why some of my responses to comments in the last post were a little short. I was replying from my phone, something I hate.)

Anyway, afternoons were free tome.  On Friday we went to the aquarium.  The octopus, as seen in the first photo was calm and not moving when I walked up.  You can just see it in the front to the left of the red ball.

20150626_161820Every time I’ve seen an octopus in an aquarium, assuming it wasn’t hiding and I could see it at all, it was usually not moving much.  If it did move, it would be moving slowly.

Right after I walked up and took that picture, the octopus went berzerk became very active.

20150626_161911Now I’m not sure why it would react this way.  The flash on  the camera didn’t go off when I too the first picture, nor did it go off when I took the second.  You can see it pushing its head against the glass.

It sure seemed to be trying to get at me through the glass for some reason…


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