Happy Birthday, Michael Moorcock

Today is Michael Moorcock’s 73rd birthday.  All of us here at Adventures Fantastic want to wish him a very happy.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Moorcock on a couple of occasions, World Fantasy 2000 in Corpus Christi and the Nebula Awards in Austin in 2008.  What I haven’t had the pleasure of doing is reading much of his work.  (After he signed those books, they’ve tended to stay on the shelf, something that happens to most of my signed editions.)  I’ve read some of his work and enjoyed it, don’t misunderstand me.  I’ve just not found the time to dive deeply into his oeuvre.  I’m hoping to read the Elric stories this year as well as some of his shorter series.  Or start them, at least.  I may not be able to finish everything this year.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Mr. Moorcock.  And many happy returns.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Michael Moorcock

  1. Charles R. Rutledge

    I’ve read almost everything of his and I’d recommend starting with Elric, Keith. You can enjoy those books without having read any of his other stuff, and they give you a good grounding in his Multiverse. You can branch out from there.


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