Howard and Lovecraft Letters A Means to Freedom Out of Print Tomorrow

A Means to FreedomHippocampus Press sent out an email yesterday saying that the last day to purchase A Means to Freedom, the collected correspondence of H. P. Lovercraft and Robert E. Howard will be tomorrow.  After that, licensing agreements expire, and the book will be out of print and available only on the secondary market.  Where it will be much more expensive.  Here’s what they said.

Due to low stock and the end of our license term, the last day to purchase A MEANS TO FREEDOM: THE LETTERS OF H. P. LOVECRAFT AND ROBERT E. HOWARD will be Saturday, February 28th. After that date, this work will only be available on the secondary market, and not from Hippocampus Press. It’s been a good run and we have probably reached the intended audience, so a future reprint is unlikely.

So if you were planning on buying a copy, act fast.  Or be prepared to shell out the bucks later.

3 thoughts on “Howard and Lovecraft Letters A Means to Freedom Out of Print Tomorrow

    1. GallifreyanShitlord

      Well you’re in luck! Surprisingly, they’ve approved a new edition, to be released on the 22nd. $60+shipping.

      Hope you’re not one of those that paid hundreds back when we all thought the license was finished.


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