Larry Niven Named SFWA Grand Master

And about time, too.  Niven is one of the most influential authors of science fiction and fantasy of the last century.  He’s written or cowritten such classics as Ringworld and The Mote in God’s Eye.  My most recent reviews of his books are The Goliath Stone with Matthew Joseph Harrington (review here) and Bowl of Heaven with Gregory Benford (review here; really need to read Shipstar).

Niven will be presented with the Award at the Nebula Awards Banquet this Junes.  For more details, the SFWA press release is here.

Adventures Fantastic would like to offer Mr. Niven congratulations on being named a Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master.  Well done, sir.  Well done.

4 thoughts on “Larry Niven Named SFWA Grand Master

    1. Keith West Post author

      You are correct, sir. My apologies to you and Mr. Harrington. I was trying to get the post up right before I had to teach class and got in a hurry. Thanks for the heads-up. It’s been fixed. I’ve got the Fleet of Worlds series in my TBR pile along with a copy of your novel Energized, so I naturally put your name in without double checking properly.

      BTW, I bought a copy of “Championship B’tok” during Larry Correia’s book bomb. I started it while my son was at diving earlier this evening and am quite emjoying it. I’ll post a review on my science fiction blog and shoot you a link when it goes live.

        1. Keith West Post author

          I appreciate your bringing the error to my attention. And based on what I’ve read so far, I think your hope will be realized. I plan to go back and start reading the Interstellar Net series from the beginning once I’ve finished “Championship B’tok”.


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