Look What I Got in the Mail Today

20141210_131341My reading plans for the evening have just been changed.

If you’re jealous, you can do something about that here.  My copy was 168 of 200.  I don’t know if the Foundation is shipping high number or low numbers first.

But like I said, my reading plans have just changed.

5 thoughts on “Look What I Got in the Mail Today

      1. Woelf Dietrich

        Yep, when I saw the shipping costs my excitement evaporated. I don’t have the finances for something like that at the moment. I long for a time when I can just buy special editions wherever I find them. Especially ones from the old masters like Howard because they don’t write ’em like that anymore. It’ll happen one day soon, I know. I’ll write faster. 😉

        1. Keith West Post author

          That actually sounds like a good strategy. The more you write, the more you sell. Or so they tell me. I’ve not put that to the test yet.

          1. Woelf Dietrich

            That’s what I’ve been told too and yet I failed to implement such a fine strategy thus far. I aim to change that in 2015. But then, I’m also aiming to expand my already fat library.

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