Some publishers, small presses in this context, will occasionally run grab bags. The best of these that I’ve found are the ones published by Subterranean Press. I’ve never done worse than break even, meaning that the titles I like have cover prices which total up to the cost of all the books put together. The books I’m not interested in I set aside for that day I eventually put things up on ebay.

So that’s how I figured it would be this time. I was hoping for half the books to be things I would be interested in. Instead, well, here’s what I got.  (Click to enlarge.)

20140915_231143That’s $430 worth of books for (IIRC) $150 plus shipping.  The Crowther, Nix, Lansdale, de Lint, Denton, and one Lumley are signed.  Every single one of them is something I would be interested in reading, although I wouldn’t be willing to pay cover price for some of them.  (Don’t ask me when I’m going to find time to read them.  I’m behind enough as it is.)

You can be sure that unless finances are really strapped, I’ll be ordering the next time Subterranean runs a grab bag.

3 thoughts on “Loot

    1. Keith West Post author

      Thanks. I was pleasantly surprised by how good this one turned out to be. Unlike previous grab bags, I didn’t have any of these other than the Garth Nix, which I had bought in ebook over the weekend after reading a new story in this series. I’ll cover that story in my next review. I think the best treasure, though, was in the first grab bag I bought. The Best of Robert E. Howard, Volume 1. The cover price was what I paid for the whole package.

      And you should sign up for the newsletter. In addition to grab bags, they have half off preorder sales and some other good buys from time to time. I can’t always afford to take advantage of some of their offers, but I make it a point to get the grab bags.


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