Marvin Kaye Buys Weird Tales, Replaces Ann Vandermeer as Editor

This was announced earlier today, so many, if not most, of you have probably seen it, but I wanted to post it anyway.  (It’s been one of those days.  Power was out over most of the campus for most of the day and classes start tomorrow.)  Marvin Kaye has bought Weird Tales from publisher John Betancourt.  He is replacing the entire editorial staff, including editor Ann Vandermeer.  Vandermeer’s final issue will be #359, which will be published next February.  (The current issue, #358 is shown at right.)  Kaye, who has edited anthologies related to Weird Tales and the now defunct H. P. Lovecraft’s Magazine of Horror, intends to edit the magazine himself.  His first issue, #360, will be a special Cthulhu themed issue.  Stories bought by Vandermeer that aren’t included in #359 will be published in future issues.  Further details can be found in Ann Vandermeer’s farewell postBlack Gate editor John O’Neill has written a commentary here.

4 thoughts on “Marvin Kaye Buys Weird Tales, Replaces Ann Vandermeer as Editor

  1. David J. West

    I read a number of posts about what Vandermeer was doing and thus-never submitted anything to Weird Tales even though I really wanted to-just to say I was in Weird Tales too.

    Maybe now I will.

  2. Keith

    I never kept up with it. It was too hard to find on the newsstand. Given that it had a long history of not always making its publishing schedule, I didn’t want to subscribe and lose my money. I may go back and pick up a couple of the back issues now that they’re available in electronic form.


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