New BAF Post on The Young Magicians

Young MagiciansI’ve got a new BAF post up at Black Gate.

This one is on The Young Magicians, the second anthology of the series that Lin Carter edited.  It’s a companion to Dragons, Elves, and Heroes.  This one starts at William Morris and continues up to what was then the present day (1969).  Included are selections by Lovecraft, Smith, Howard, Kuttner, Merritt. and de Camp, as well as Lin Carter himself.

3 thoughts on “New BAF Post on The Young Magicians

  1. Manly Reading

    Sorry, I’m not clicking through to Black Gate – they don’t want my sort of person reading or supporting them. Hope you can repost it here in time.

    1. Keith West Post author

      I’ve thought about doing that at some point, reposting here, I mean. I would like to have more posts done before I do, which means I need to read more books.


    The Young Magicians was, for Americans, a glimpse of Tolkien s creativity that was the newest thing, I suppose, since 1967 s The Road Goes Ever On, which had some lovely calligraphy by the Professor and some intriguing glimpses of the First Age.


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