New Year’s Resolution, Redux

I’ve been busy preparing for a presentation I’m giving at a conference next week, so the previous post on Kull took me longer to get up than I had anticipated.  It was less than a week ago I posted a list of New Year’s resolutions relating to this blog, One was to post here at least twice a week.  I have a couple of things to write about, and thought I could get at least one of them posted before I leave for the conference on Sunday.  Then my wife experienced a little unexpected employment … hiccup this afternoon.  Depending on how long it takes to find her other employment, I may have to spend less time on this blog and devote myself to finding other sources of income.  I’m not going away.  Adventures Fantastic is here for the long haul, but it’s possible that for a (hopefully) brief season, I may only post once a week or so, and shorter posts more often than longer posts.

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution, Redux

  1. Keith

    Thanks, Scott. I appreciate your kind words and am sorry to hear that you’re in the same boat. I guess that means your not going to ConDFW either?


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