On the Home Front

Well, if you felt the earth tremble last Saturday, it was because my wife and I looked at a house and both thought it was perfect.  She’s come into a bit of a small inheritance, and it’s allowed us to look for bigger lodging a few years sooner than I thought we would be able.  Ever since moving to West Texas we’ve been living in a small house, and by small I mean almost half the size of the house we lived in previously.  We’re only moving three streets over, but there’s a major through-street directly behind us, so it’s a much nicer and quieter neighborhood.

We made an offer yesterday and received word a few hours ago that our offer had been accepted with some nice additions thrown in.  Like the workbenches in the shop building and a freezer, something we weren’t expecting.  Since we offered less than they were asking, we were a little surprised they took the first offer.  Not that we’re complaining.

I mention this here because the closing date in the contract is on or before the 15th.  There may will be some days during the move when I’ll be offline.    Short moves are sometimes the most hectic, since we’re going to try to do this in an organized manner rather than throw everything in a van and unload it as quickly as possible when we get there.  That means I’ll be able to set up the library in an organized manner with everything exactly where I want it.  (I promise to post pictures.)

But if I seem to drop off the earth for a bit, there’s a good reason.  Emphasis on good.

7 thoughts on “On the Home Front

  1. Paul R. McNamee

    Congratulations! I sometimes want a bigger house – mostly for the kids’ sake, but neither my wife or I want to move. We love our location. So, we’ll make do and end up with some form of an addition down the road (we hope.)

    See you when the chaos somewhat settles.

  2. Keith

    Thanks, guys. This house has pretty much everything we were looking for and barring unforeseen life events, we expect to stay in it until we retire. We don’t close until the 15th, although I hope we can move that up a few days. I want to have most stuff moved before the fall semester starts, which for me is the week before classes. I’ll still post some except possibly while the computer is being moved. We aren’t in a rush to vacate our current house, so I hope to be able to move the library in an organized manner rather than stuffing books in boxes and then shoving them on shelves.

    1. Keith

      Thank you. Packing up the books won’t be fun. I should be able to get all the bookcases in the house and out of storage. Not sure about the books yet. I may have to send some to a new home. If this goes off as planned, though, I’ll be able to take my time and arrange them where I can get at everything easily.


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