Opening Salvo 2.0

Hello. Welcome to the new home of Adventures Fantastic. If you’re reading this shortly after it was posted (as opposed to stumbling upon it some time later), then you’re aware of the problems I ran into with Google deciding the old blog was spam. As a result, I’ve decided to change platforms and work from a space that is mine rather than someone else’s. I may still run into problems with Google, but at least I control the site completely rather than piggy-backing on some other platform.

So, what to expect: Rather than run two blogs, I’m going to run four. Crazy, I know, especially if you noticed how much more frequently I posted at Adventures Fantastic than I did at Futures Past and Present. Those two blogs will still be in existence here at the new site. The two I’m adding are Gumshoes, Gats, and Gams (detective and noir fiction) and Dispatches From the Lone Star Front (Texas and Southwest history). The former is completely new, while the latter is something I started at the Home of Heroics blog a couple of years ago. (Links to all of them are on the menu bar at the top of the page, along with info about me and the blog.)

Neither seemed to fit well into Adventures Fantastic, but there wasn’t any other place to put the posts dealing with noir or history. Fantasy, especially sword and sorcery, historic adventure, and things related to pulp will still be posted to Adventures Fantastic, along with general news and updates. I’ve posted a brief introduction at each of the new blogs, giving more detail about the themes and titles along with what to expect.

While all the main components are in place, it’s still a work in progress. I’m getting some things figured out, but it will probably be a while before I’m completely satisfied with everything.

I plan on adding a page to at least the fiction blogs (although I’m not sure about Dispatches) that will contain links to my own works.  I’m starting to learn how to publish things myself, although I haven’t gotten very far.  With classes about to start and Worldcon less than two weeks away, I’m not sure I”ll have time to have that ready.  I didn’t want to rush into that aspect of things, nor did I want to delay things while I got up the learning curve.

Anyway, welcome aboard. I’m glad you’re here, whether you followed me over from the other platform or have joined since the move.

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