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So tonight I was fiddling around with Scrivener trying to figure out how to get it to automatically do a couple of formatting things.  I’d had to do them manually before, but I’ve got some stories I want to submit over the next few days. I wanted to know what I was misunderstanding.

I solved the problems I was trying to figure out, but then I noticed something odd.  The word count on Scrivener was 18.1k.  When I compiled it into an RTF docuement, it was 12.8k.  That’s a pretty big difference. I compared the words in the opening section, and the RTF count was two words less than the Scrivener count.

Anyone have any idea what’s going on here? I’m inclined to trust the Scrivener count because when each section’s word count when tallied adds up to the total.  And the words in each section are only the words of the story.

I want to send this out, but not with such a discrepancy in the word counts.

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  1. Paul McNamee

    Scrivener wordcount is odd. If there is a large discrepancy, you need to go into the “compile” area and ensure that all parts of the document are checked to go into your compile. It uses that list to calculate wordcount, too.

    At least, that’s what I see on my Mac version.

    I don’t know why it automatically counts some of the scenes but others I need to explicitly add to the compile.

    This is if you have lots of scenes (index cards, if you will.) If you’ve got it all in one, then I’m not sure why you see a difference. But definitely check your final RTF and ensure there’s not a missing chunk.

    1. Keith West Post author

      Thanks. I did look at the compile area and everything is checked to go into the document. I do have lots of scenes. They are all checked. I proofed using the RTF file last week, and everything was there. I didn’t double check last night because it was so late. I’ll do that when I get a block of time. Today and tomorrow don’t look good.

      I appreciate the response.


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