Quick Update

Things have been rather hectic in the last couple of weeks, which is why I’ve not posted anything.  I’ve got several reviews to write, and I’ll problably finish another book or two before I get them all done.  Real life things have taken priority more than I have liked.

We’re out on Spring Break, or at least the students are.  I’ve had to go in a couple of times this week.  I did make a quick trip down to Austin to see some museum exhibits.  I should get at least five posts on Dispatches From the Lone Star Front out of the trip.  Plus I need to write up the visit to the Fazetta exhibit here.

Right now my top priority is to finish a story that’s due in a couple of weeks.  I’ve not made as much progress on it as I would like.  I’m hoping to finish it this afternoon after I run a couple of errands.  We’re leaving when my wife gets off work to go pick up my son from his gradnparents, so if I’m not done, I’ll have to finish next week. I won’t be able to get much writing done there.  I should be able to finish.  I’m writing the last scene now.

Hopefully there will be a string of posts the rest of the month to make up for the lack for the last few weeks.


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