RIP, Lucius Shephard (1947-2014)

lucius shepardLucius Shephard passed away at the age of 66 on March 18, 2014.  Shephard began writing in the early 1980s.  Many of his early works near future science fiction set in a Central American war that resembled Viet Nam, something that was a real possibility at the time.  I remember reading some of his early stories in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.  In recent years his movie reviews have graced the pages of that magazine.

Shephard wrote at all lengths, but in my opinion his strengths were at the novella length.  Over the course of his career he won the Nebula for “R&R”, the Hugo for “Barnacle Bill the Spacer”, and the Shirley Jackson Award for “Vacancy”.   I always found his style to be densely written, but his stories were worth the work they required.

The Best of Lucius ShepardShephard attended at least one Armadillocon in Austin in the early 00’s.  I had the privilege of meeting him.  He was very open and approachable, always willing to chat with fans.  I was disappointed that he didn’t attend some of the later Armadillocons.

The Best of Lucius Shephard is available in ebook format and contains many of his best known works.

One thought on “RIP, Lucius Shephard (1947-2014)

  1. Fletcher Vredenburgh

    The first and only book of his I read was GREEN EYES, part of the revived Ace Specials line in the early 80s (it also inlcuded NEUROMANCER and THE WILD SHORE). It’s a beautiful mix of sci-fi and voodoo zombies slathered in thick Louisiana atmosphere. I couldn’t get past the politics in LIFE DURING WARTIME. I need to dig GREEN EYES out.


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