RIP, Michael Shea

Michael-Shea-smallLocus Online is reporting that Michael Shea has died.  Shea was the World Fantasy Award winning author of Nifft the Lean and the novella “The Growlimb”.

I’ve not read Shea’s work.  I picked up some at Worldcon last fall, but most of my acquisitions from that trip are still unread.  I’ve heard nothing but good things about Shea’s fiction and have been looking forward to reading some.

John O’Neill has posted a tribute at Black Gate.

6 thoughts on “RIP, Michael Shea

  1. Fletcher Vredenburgh

    I’m shamefully under-read in regards to his work. What I have read is the creepily awesome Nifft the Lean and The Color Out of Time, his very good sequel to The Color Out of Space. His short story The Autopsy is one of the nastiest pieces of work I’ve ever read. Very good stuff. 67’s way too young these days.


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