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Rogue Blades Entertainment is Back!

Rogue Blades Entertainment published some great anthologies but went on hiatus a few years ago.  See my reviews here.  Other than Writing Fantasy Heroes (reviewed here), we’ve not heard much from RBE.

Well, I’m glad to say the silence has been broken.  One of the projects RBE was working on before it went on hiatus was a challenge anthology.  The premise was simple writers were to write a story around both a piece of cover art and a theme.  Kind of like the habit some editors had of commissioning stories based on a finished piece of cover art. Authors contributed their work, which was evaluated blind by a panel of judges.  The top ten stories were selected.

The first Challenge anthology, entitled Discovery, is now available.  The ebook edition is on sale for $5.00.   The print edition will be available within a couple of weeks for $11.00.  I had bought a bundle from RBE, sort of a preorder, but I don’t recall if there are any titles left or if I’ve gotten them all.  No matter.  I’ve bought the electronic version.  Readers of this blog will see some familiar names on the ToC.  (No, I’m not one of them.)

And a personal note to Jason M. Waltz, the publisher of RBE:  It’s good to have you back, brother.  You’ve been missed.  I hope you’re around for a long time, and I wish you all the best.

Rogue Blades Entertainment is Back

Writing-Fantasy-HeroesIt’s not often I get to announce really great news, or at least it doesn’t feel like it much lately.  However, I’m thrilled to let you know that the Rogue Blades Entertainment has returned.  Publisher Jason M. Waltz made the announcement over at Black Gate earlier today.  The small S&S publisher went on hiatus a few years ago.  Fortunately RBE is back with a whole new website (just click the above link).  If you aren’t familiar with them, RBE published Writing Fantasy Heroes recently (reviewed here).  Now all of their previously published books are available.  My review of them is available here.  Stop by and check them out.

Adventures Fantastic would like to congratulate Jason and RBE on their comeback and wish them the best of success.