Weirdbook Press Release and Cover Reveal

jpeg copy of front cover issue 31Weirdbook editor Douglas Draa has kindly sent me the press release announcing the revival of Weirdbook along with a copy the cover of the next issue, the first under his editorship.  He was fortunate enough to acquire an unpublished piece of art by Stephen Fabian.  That’s it on the right.

The press release is below.  Some of you will be glad to know the magazine is open to submissions.

Weirdbook Press Release

After a more than 17 year hiatus, Weirdbook is returning!

David A. Riley and Douglas Draa are, under Paul Ganley’s stewardship, reviving the legendary magazine.

Their intention is to offer the finest in Weird, Horror, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Sword Sorcery, and even odd fiction.

The debut issue #31 will appear in August 2015.

In keeping with Weirdbook’s long tradition, the first revival issue will present a never before published cover by none other than Mr. Stephen Fabian himself.

Submissions are now open!

David A. Riley: Publisher and Senior Editor
Douglas Draa: Managing and Fiction Editor
Paul Ganley: Editor emeritus
David A. Riley is a Horror author and publisher and Douglas Draa is an author and former on-line editor for Weird Tales Magazine.

4 thoughts on “Weirdbook Press Release and Cover Reveal

  1. Paul McNamee

    Thanks for the heads up. It’s nice to see a magazine proclaiming a desire for sword-&-sorcery submissions.

    I might need to try my hand in that vein, again. I do have a vague idea fermenting in my mind.

  2. Woelf Dietrich

    This is exceptionally cool. I think I found my next #Art of Fantasy artist for my blog. I’d also love to submit something to the magazine. It’s wholly up my alley.

    1. Keith West Post author

      Cool. Fabian is one of my favorites. He captures that “weird” feel perfectly. And you definitely should submit something.


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