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Blogging the Heinlein Juveniles: Rocket Ship Galileo

rocket ship galileoRocket Ship Galileo
Robert A. Heinlein

I’ve been intending to start this series for a while, and I planned to have this post up in January. (I read the book in January. Does that count?) However, my wife had rotator cuff surgery, so I’m a little behind in my blogging. The plan is to read the juveniles in the order they were written and blog about each one.

The first Heinlein juvenile I read was Have Spacesuit Will Travel. I was in seventh grade. The junior high library had a small selection of them, and I think I read all of them that year. Then we moved, and the selection at my new school wasn’t as extensive. I continued to read them through high school, although I never read all of them.

In 1947, Heinlein began writing an annual novel for Scribner’s, aimed at what would now be called the YA market. The first of these was Rocket Ship Galileo. Continue reading