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Tom Kratman’s Big Boys Don’t Cry

Big Boys Don't CryBig Boys Don’t Cry
Tom Kratman
Castallia House
ebook $2.99

This is another novella that’s on the final ballot for the Hugo Awards this year.  I reviewed one of its competitors recently.

There’s some pretty good competition here.  If you like military science fiction, you”ll like this one.

Maggie is a tank, and she’s been damaged beyond repair.  Her brain is still functional as the technicians are beginning to take her apart for scrap.  Big Boys Don’t Cry gives some of the highlights from her illustrious career, a career that spans centuries if I read the book correctly.  (The memories aren’t in chronological order.)

But something in Maggie’s memory is damaged.  There are certain memories that are partitioned off, memories she isn’t supposed to access.  Continue reading