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Breaking Someone Out of The Prison in Antares

Prison in AntaresThe Prison in Antares
Mike Resnick
Pyr Books
Paper, 287 p., $18.00/$19.00 CAN
ebook $11.99

I’d like to thank the good folks at Pyr Books for sending me the review copy of The Prison in Antares.  I think I enjoyed it more than its predecessor The Fortress in Orion.

The Dead Enders have barely recovered from their previous case when they’re called on to infiltrate a prison in the Transeki Coalition.  The Coalition has captured Edgar Nmumba.  Nmumba is the only person who knows how to counter the Q bomb, a devasting weapon that the Coalition has been using to wipe out entire planets.

The prison is two miles below the surface of a planet behind enemy lines.  Initially that’s all they know.  They’ve got to locate the planet, then the prison, figure out a way to get in, and either get Nmumba out or kill him if they can’t.  And they’ve got to do it before Nmumba breaks under interrogation. Continue reading