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Robots for Asimov

i-robotI apologize for the campaign-esque sound of the title.  I’m still trying to get 2016 out of my head.  Anyway, I said yesterday at Adventures Fantastic that I’m going to be reading more of the classics of the field.  Furthermore I specifically named Asimov’s robot stories as one of the things I’ll be reading.

It’s Asimov’s 97th birthday today.  He was born January 2, 1920, in Russia.  I first read the robot stories in 7th grade.  It’s been more than a decade (going on two decades now) since I last read one of them.  I’ve read a few Asimov stories over the past year; I’m about a third of the way through The Winds of Change right now.

The robot stories have all been collected in The Complete Robot.  I’ve got a copy around somewhere, if I an ever find the darn thing.  I’m looking forward to diving into them.  Robots used to be pretty  ubiquitous in science fiction, but you don’t see them that much these days.  They’ve been supplanted by AIs.  Still, I like the old-fashioned robots, and Asimov did them better than anyone.

Guest Post: Adrian Simmons Reviews The Cosmic Eye by Mack Reynolds

the-cosmic-eyeThe Cosmic Eye
Mack Reynolds
ebook $2.99

We’re going to start 2017 with a guest post.  Adrian Simmons is the probably best known to readers of my blogs as the editor of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly.  He’s also an accomplished author and a man who has a deep and abiding love for science fiction and fantasy.  He shares with us this thoughts on Mack Reynolds’ novel The Cosmic Eye.  Reynolds was a prolific science fiction author in the 1950s and 1960s who is sadly pretty forgotten today.

Here’s Adrian and what he thought of The Cosmic Eye: Continue reading