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Admiral Launches a Promising New Series

Sean Danker
Roc Books
Hardcover $26.95
ebook $7.99

I’d like to thank Ace/Roc Books for the review copy of Admiral.  It was a fun space opera.  I’m looking forward to further installments in this new series.

The unnamed narrator is the last of four people to wake up on a damaged freighter that’s stranded on an unknown planet.  The other three people are all graduates of one of the Imperial military academies.

It quickly becomes obvious to them that our narrator is no admiral, even though the ship’s computer confirms he is an admiral.  The Evagardian Empire has just won a war with another power, and one of the graduates (who happens to have the highest rank among the three) thinks he’s a spy.

But they’ve got other problems.  The freighter’s crew are dead in an airlock.  They don’t know where they are.  The freighter has no power.  The planet is not suitable for human life.  Their air supplies are limited.  And they keep hearing sounds from other parts of the ship, as though something is moving. Continue reading

Alex Stewart Shoots the Rift

shooting-the-rift-9781476781181_hrShooting the Rift
Alex Stewart
Baen Books
Trade Paper $16.00
Ebook $8.99

It’s spring, when a middle-aged man’s thoughts lightly turn to…space opera!

Alex Stewart has been writing the Caiphas Cain novels and stories under the name Sandy Mitchell for the Warhammer 40,000 franchise.

Now he’s branched out and writing another series.  This is grand old space opera in the grand old tradition.  Or to put it another way, it’s a heckuva lot of fun. Continue reading