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Tis the Season for an Easy Death

Easy DeathEasy Death
Daniel Boyd
Hard Case Crime
paper $9.95
electronic $7.99

If you’ve been looking for some Christmas noir, then look no further. Daniel Boyd’s tale of an armored car heist gone wrong is the perfect stocking stuffer. And you shouldn’t wait until Christmas to open. The book, that is.

It’s December 20, 1951, and Eddie and Walter are planning on pulling off an armored car heist in the middle of snow storm. It’s a chancy thing to do, but it goes down without a hitch. The the other shoes start dropping. Continue reading

A Pair of Christmas Crimes From Kristine Kathryn Rusch

In this post, we’ll look at a couple of short stories with a Christmas theme from Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

EQMJAN2015“Christmas Eve at the Exit”
Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine
January 2015

Rachel and her daughter Anne-Marie are on the run from her husband, a brute of a man who has enough money and power that he can destroy her if he catches her. Rachel has faked their deaths and is heading for safety on the other side of the country. She has help and she’s going to need it.

It’s Christmas Eve, the weather and roads are bad, and Rachel is stopping for the night. Anne-Marie is concerned about Santa finding them. She’ll find out it will be better if he doesn’t show up at all. Continue reading