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A Review of Quarry’s Choice

Quarry's ChoiceQuarry’s Choice
Max Allan Collins
Hard Case Crime
Paperback, 248 p., $9.99 US, $11.99 Can L7.99 UK
ebook $7.99

Max Allan Collins has been working in the crime and mystery fields for decades now, and one of his most popular and enduring characters is the hitman Quarry. Quarry has had something of a renaissance in recent years, with Hard Case publishing a number of new novels. The previous volume, The Wrong Quarry, is sitting in my TBR pile.

In the latest installment, Collins gives us an episode from early in Quarry’s career.  He’s recently returned from Viet Nam and hasn’t been in the contract killing business long.  When an associate of his boss, known as The Broker, is shot at, Quarry is sent to Biloxi to take out the man who ordered the hit. Continue reading