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Too Many Irons in the Fire

too-many-irons-in-the-fireJust a quick update.  This past week has been Spring Break, and I’m still waiting for the break part to begin.  This week has involved several days of unexpected travel.  (No, I didn’t go to the beach.  Or the mountains, either.)

I’m less than 75 pages from finishing several books, including the next title in the BAF series I’m doing for Black Gate.  I’m about halfway through Neil Gaiman’s Trigger Warning, and I’m making progress on a book for a major post that I’m not ready to talk about.

So, no, I haven’t dropped off the face of the Earth.  I’ve just got too many things going on.

The “Reading Only X Writers for a Year” Challenge…

…or Just When You Thought the Stooopid Couldn’t Burn Any Worse Than it Already Does.

I wasn’t going to post anything after today’s Trigger Warning.  I’ve got three reviews to write, plus a ton of reading to get caught up on, not to mention the second set of exams that I haven’t started grading.  So what did I do tonight?

finger-shaking-scoldI got sidetracked by a number of things, with the highlight being the latest fisking (read it, it’s brilliant) by Larry Correia of K. Tempest Bradford’s challenge to only read approved writers for a year.  Approved being defined as what she thinks you should read, of course.

Or rather in this case, what she thinks you shouldn’t.  That would be books by straight, white, cisgendered males.  Finger lady there doesn’t think you should read books by authors who fall into this demographic.  Because badthink or something.  You’ll notice that the book she’s holding up is by Neil Gaiman, while the T-shirt she’s wearing is Dr. Who, some episodes of which were written by Neil Gaiman.  (What is it with these people and Gaiman lately, anyway?)

Bite my ass, lady.  Who are you to tell me what to read or not read?  I’ll read what I damn well like and make no apologies to anyone.  Certainly not to the likes of you.

Here’s my challenge.  It’s twofold.  First, I’m challenging myself to read interesting, exciting, entertaining books by writers who gender, race, religion, etc., I don’t give a rat’s red ass about.  Second, I’m going to challenge myself not to read any books by outspoken SJWs who want to indoctrinate me in goodthink more than they want to entertain me.  That would include authors like…what was her name again?…the finger lady up there.

And don’t raise your scolding finger to me, Bradford.  I might raise my middle ones in response.

Trigger Warnings

Neil GaimanI’ve been buried under exams that should have already been need to be graded, so things have been a little quiet.  I might post a report about ConDFW in the next day or so if I can clear some stuff off my desk.  But I saw something I couldn’t pass by.

Neil Gaiman has a new short story collection out entitled Trigger Warning.  Now the term comes academic feminist theory.  It basically means that what follows could trigger some post traumatic reaction.  That’s not quite the context that Gaiman is using the word, which he apparently talks about in his introduction.

This has drawn the ire of at least one of the SJW thought police.  This particular individual published a post the other day in which she took Gaiman to task for using the term in a way in which she did not approve.  You see, Gaiman is an important figure, and he has the ability to alter the conversation.  This is a bad thing because he’s altering it a way in which this self-righteous self appointed arbiter of word usage doesn’t approve. Continue reading