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Neil GaimanI’ve been buried under exams that should have already been need to be graded, so things have been a little quiet.  I might post a report about ConDFW in the next day or so if I can clear some stuff off my desk.  But I saw something I couldn’t pass by.

Neil Gaiman has a new short story collection out entitled Trigger Warning.  Now the term comes academic feminist theory.  It basically means that what follows could trigger some post traumatic reaction.  That’s not quite the context that Gaiman is using the word, which he apparently talks about in his introduction.

This has drawn the ire of at least one of the SJW thought police.  This particular individual published a post the other day in which she took Gaiman to task for using the term in a way in which she did not approve.  You see, Gaiman is an important figure, and he has the ability to alter the conversation.  This is a bad thing because he’s altering it a way in which this self-righteous self appointed arbiter of word usage doesn’t approve.

trigger warningYou know I immediately ordered a copy of Neil’s book.  Amazon sent me an email saying it’s already shipped, and as soon as it arrives, it will go to to the front of the queue.

The problem with the whole concept of a trigger warning is that too many people use it to shut down opinions and voices they don’t like/disagree with/just want to silence.  It’s being used as a form of censorship and PC thought policing.  Don’t believe me?  Check out this excellent article.  I completely agree with the author’s conclusion.  I completely agree with his conclusions, including the one in bold near the end.  If you’re someone who shouldn’t be allowed to wander about loose who really is that traumatized, please get some professional help.  Don’t try to tell the rest of us what we can and can’t say.

Until Gaiman’s book arrives, I’ll be posting trigger warnings here, as a public service.  And because respect.  I don’t guarantee there will be a new one every day, but I’ve got a couple already lined up.  Feel free to add your own in the comments.

Today’s trigger warning:  Do not touch your trigger until you are ready to fire your weapon.

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    Some have suggested shifting to “activation warning”, or “stress warning.” The purpose would be to make the warning more inclusive of a larger range of responses and also to avoid a metaphor that can be a reminder of guns.


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